Repository of Workflows in Orchestrator


Is there any kind of repository for the workflows in the Orchestrator?
I put you in context, imagine that we have two different processes but in both cases to make Log In they follow the same flow. Therefore, you could use the same flow for both processes. My question is, how can I have that flow present in both processes and updated if there is any change on the flow to follow?

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@sergio.carrio ,

So Assuming that i have a .xaml file that I have created for writing Logs . now i want to reuse it.

One way is : I copy th .xaml File manully to the other project - but then if I make change to the source - change has to be done every where - Good when the Component in Small.

Second Way : we create a Reusbale Component (Library) of the .xaml and upload it to the Orchestrator. So wichever Process requires it , they include the library in their project and continue

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