Apply incremental approach in reading data from webpage

I have read a set of product review details froma web page and populated it in an excel sheet.If more reviews are entered, I need to skip the previously entered review details and start from where i stopped in the previous run so that it saves much time.I tried adding queue items to queue trigger but it failed to work for me.Is there any solution for this usecase?

Please respond if anybody know to solve it. It’s urgent.

Hi @Gopalakrishnan_K

  1. Click on recent reviews so that the list of reviews will be populated based on latest reviews.
  2. You run your XAML file, store all the comments in the excel or somewhere so that in next run you need to get the last saved comment.
  3. Now Run your XAML again (Make sure it clicks recent review button every time it runs) then it will start fetching one by one from the top, once your while loop reaches to last comment of previous run, end the loop (for this you can compare fetched comment with the last time run’s last comment saved.)


you can do like this,

  1. Have selector for first 3 items and check the changes in selector (atleast one property will keep increment)
  2. Create one counter variable and pass counter variable to the selector where the changes happens
  3. Use the get text activity to scrap the data from the web page by using that selector

Thanks for the reply. I need to get the list of entries consecutively in excel sheet.If i enter the first set of entries to excel sheet using a data table , i need to enter the next set of entries in the next run using the same data table to the next row from where i stopped.Can i dynamically give excel position in excel application scope?

Say you have stored all your comments in one excel, in next run you get few comments and you can use append excel activity to append these new dat