How download only first 20 pages data using data extarct

HI @Amila_Darshana

In your data extraction workflow file, you can use a while loop to iterate 20 times. Here in the loop, we can use a counter variable to increment every time by one using an Assign activity.

Then, use the counter variable as a part of the selector for the page number. So in the highlighted area of your screenshot, get the selector of that element. I suppose you are using a click activity here right? So get the selector of that activity and try to bind the counter variable into the selector so that the selector becomes dynamic and using the variable, you can navigate through the pages from 1 to 20 easily.

After the page change, have a activity Extract Structured Data activity to scrape the data from the grid. For the structured data activity, you will need to provide the entire frame of the grid in the web page. So that it knows where to extract.

Does it help?


We dont really have direct option to choose page limits but , you can give top * rows and can specify .
If 1 page is having 10 rows , you can specify 200 rows

Main.xaml (74.1 KB)

If you don’ t mind please check my File and can you update this
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100 records meaning total records or No records

Hey @Amila_Darshana

It is number of maximum results to be extracted. you can change it as per your need.
in case you want to Extract all data then you can make it 0.


Total records than you want in result


Can you tell me where do you have this data scraping part? I see many sequence activities with data scraping… some connected to the flow and some do not.