Application takes a whole minute just to open

I need some help I am not sure why the loading time on this application is taking so long can some one assist. It takes a whole minute for the application to open.

If anybody can help point me in the right direction I can compensate them. This has been driving me crazy for some time now.

Hi @immarkhd ,
I have tried it
my time to load it 5s, some time is 3-4s, I think it’s not problem
my step
Sequence.xaml (9.5 KB)
Can you check your internet…etc
try my step


  1. Can you please tell how are you opening the application?
  2. Try deleting all the temporary files and then try again
  3. Did you happen to check the cpu usage at the time of opening it?
  4. Is your internet connection slow?
  5. Is it the same time when you do it manually as well?


Hi @immarkhd

I decided to remove the link because you didn’t provide much context about it and it was a big upload (over 700mb), which made it a bit suspicious.

One thing to say would be that if it is in fact the UiPath process, then reducing the size of it might help here.