Appium Server Error

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I need to build a mobile automation workflow. So for that, I need to configure mobile device manager. By going through the documentation, I have installed appium, Android Studio, Node.js etc. that was mentioned in the documentation. Then, I was following step-wise instructions for the appium and after entering the details of the device, I am getting this error:

If anyone knows about this error, please help me to resolve this error.

Thanks in advance.

you have to install Java JDK and place the JAVA_HOME in your environment pointing to the JDK installation directory.

Make sure that the location exists!

Hi @phaserescu ,

Thanks for your response.

I have installed jdk and also place the JAVA_HOME environment variable. Location also exists but this issue is still coming. Any other solution for this.?



You can install and run appium-doctor to view the necessary dependencies that you must have. After, try to solve the issues mentioned. You should have as output a line similar to
info AppiumDoctor ### Diagnostic for necessary dependencies completed, no fix needed. ###

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I don’t know if your are still facing this issue or it has been resolved but I faced the same issue before and I fixed it by installing Appium v1.21.0 and after that everything works fine, hopes it works for you :slight_smile: