Breaking Change in Appium affects UiPath Mobile Automation

Breaking Change in Appium affects UiPath Mobile Automation

UiPath mobile Automation relies on Appium as its driver in order to automate mobile applications.

UIAutomator and XCUItest are part of Appium and enable the interaction with user interface (UI) of Android and iOS apps. They provide a set of APIs and methods to perform various actions on devices and applications, such as tapping on elements, entering text, swiping, and verifying UI elements, among other tasks.

The recently released versions of UiAutomator and XCUItest include breaking changes which affect our capabilities to interact with mobile devices.

Specifically, the removal of an endpoint to retrieve the pixel ratio of Ui controls leads to the malfunction of our Mobile Device Manager. The obsolete getSession API does not return any extra driver-specific data anymore (e.g., statBarHeight, pixelRatio, viewportRect).

Affected UiPath Studio versions:

All versions are affected.

Affected UiPath Mobile Package versions:

All versions are affected.

Affected Appium Version:

Appium 2.x and any Appium version leveraging new XCUItest (4.35 latest working) and or
new UIAutomator2 (2.29.11 latest working)

Failure details:

Could not determine the device pixel ratio.

Please ensure that the current Appium version is at least 1.15.0.

When using a device cloud, please consult the documentation and set the provider-specific Appium version parameter to the latest supported version after 1.15.0 for your current operating system version.


We are working on a fix right now for the following Studio versions: 23.10, 23.4, 22.10, and expect to be able to deliver a patch in the first week of December.

In case you have any additional questions, pls feel free to get in touch with us.

cc: @Astrid_Diana_Staicu , @AlvinStanescu, @Cristian_Alexandrescu

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