Mobile device Manager: The requested resource could not be found

Hello Team,

I already setup my appium and its working fine.
But when i try to connect with UiPath Mobile Device Manager i am getting below error

 'The requested resource could not be found or a request was received using an http method that is not supported my mapped resource`


Please guide me to resolve this issue

Hi @Palash_Rana

Can you please offer more details? On what address is Appium running and what settings did you use for the connection in MDM?

hi I am also facing same issue i have used port number 443 to connect in appium as port 4723 is not working for me getting this error on uipath “The requested resource could not be found, or a request was received using an HTTP method that is not supported by the mapped resource”

Hello Rakesh

I got the solution and I am able to connect with Mobile device Manager.

Please find below steps for MDM(Mobile device Manager)

Before beginning close your cmd and also close your appium if your using it

1.Open Cmd and check the version of
a) java -version
b) appium -v (If you are not using appium 1.15 then dowgrade your appium version)
i) npm uninstall -g appium
ii) npm install -g appium@1.15
iii) appium -v
c) Check if you have created an Environment variables (Note : Version can be anything for Java SDK and Android )
i) ANDROID_HOME - C:\Users\Procode\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk
ii) JAVA_HOME - C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_202
iii) path - %ANDROID_HOME%\tools;%ANDROID_HOME%\tools\bin;%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%ANDROID_HOME%\build-tools\30.0.3;

d) Open your Appium server
e) Install Apk Info mobile application in your device from google store which povide you app Package and App Activity

f) Check for list of device by writing in commad promt appium devices adb devices (Note make sure your mobile is connected to USB cable)

If something is showing with an alphanumeric value then your device is connected otherwise connecte your device

g) To Start appium write appium in cmd
h) Open your UiPAth Mobile device manager and write the configuration as below

In Device tab
Name: Test Device
Appium Url: http://localhost:4723/wd/hub
Platform : Android
Device Name: Redmi 7A
Platform Version: 9.0

In Application tab
Name : OpenDevice
Click on Android
App Package: io.cloudgrey.the_app
App activity: io.cloudgrey.the_app.MainActivity

Now start your application by connecting the device with an application