Append line onto an online file


I´m trying to find a way of appending a line into an Excel document that is online, without downloading it.
Ideally I would access the file, open it, and append a line with variables that I have saved on my workflow.

How can I do this without downloading the file?
Thank you!

If you can do that manually, you should be able to replicate the same actions using clicks and typeinto activities on the browser.

I would have thought so, and you probably can, it´s just I might be doing something wrong as I´m quite new to UiPath, but I´m finding two issues with that:

  1. I used click and type into activities, and then run the workflow. It doesn´t give me any error, but it types nothing into the file (which I have open). I´ve tried both with simulate type checked and unchecked. I´m trying this in IE, as Click worked better than in Chrome.

  1. The idea is to add a different row every time, so I would like to change the selector of the click and type into activities in order to add my text into the next row every time, but the selector looks like this:


Could I fix this by screen scraping the file, and adding a condition where it types into the first empty row found?

Thank you!

So… I haven´t figured out how to do it, but we are going to be able to download the file in the end.
Thank you anyway!

You can choose the cell where you want to type and then use the formula bar at the top to enter the content. That should be easier in terms of selector. If needed you can chose activate or clickBeforeTyping check boxes in the Type into activity.

If it is about the last row every time, you can try excel shortcuts to navigate to the last used row. Hope that works online as well. You can use Ctrl + Home with Send Hotkeys activity to go to the A1 cell. Then Ctrl + Down to jump to the last used row on column A. Then press Down once for the new row and use formula bar to enter your text.

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Well that’s a simpler option anyway. Unless your excel file is really huge and it takes a long time to download. Or you have some other constraints with downloading.

Alternately, I remember having options for Edit Online or Edit with Excel, where in with the second option you would still be able to edit the online version of the file from Excel application. That used to be available on SharePoint I believe. Not sure about other products. Try checking if that’s available so that you can still avoid downloading

I hadn´t thought about the excel shortcuts, that´s going to be really useful!! I just tried it and it works.

And yes, I´m in SharePoint :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!!

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Perfect! Then both of those ideas would work! :grinning: