Copying data from website to each excel column for each row

I have filled out a form and now i need to copy the data from the website into my excel sheet. So i use data from column A-B to fill the form now I need to write the returned data into column C. I have tried to save the data in a Varible then parse it using the assign activity. I am new to UiPath so i can only upload one screenshot


You can use write cell activity to write value into excel cell.
you have to use excel application scope first which will open your excel file and inside it use write cell activity.

Hope it will works.


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Thanks for the help I can get it to write it all in one cell but not write it individually for each row.

I tried to use "F"index.ToString as each row needs its own value (example a1 + b1 = c1 then a2 + b2 = c2). however I think i have some syntax error.

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