How to add a same data to full column to the datatable

Hi guys ExistingFile.xls (6.5 KB) output file.xls (6.5 KB)
I need your guys help in my usecase
I was extracting a table from a web with 3 columns and dynamically rows will be there. And saving in a datatable say DataTab.
say the datatable look like i have attached a csv file above (existingFile.csv).
i have a piece of data stored in a variable say str=“Ace”
i want to add the str to the 1st column for all the rows
output will look like outputfile.csv i have attached that also for your reference.

kindly help how can i do this.


@Sriram07 yeah buddy you can use write cell activity by appending counter variable to it.

I dont want to add in excel i want to add in datatable say var as Datatab.
For your reference i saved in the excel here.
But i need to be added into the datatable before saving to excel itself

Take a look at this @Sriram07
This will help you…Just a simple For each activity and loop through it…|attachment](upload:// (3.8 KB)