Append data from second row onwards

I want to append data from second row onwards in excel.Capture123


use append Range activity to append the data in excel.

But the data will come in First Row.
i want data should come on second row,third row ,and so on.

Then you can use write range activity…and give starting cell is A2…

but data wont append.all the new data will come in second row.
appended data will be come in 2nd row always.

—in that case use a excel application scope and create an excel
—inside the scope use write cell activity and mention the range as “A1” and value as string.empty

—now followed by this use a append range activity and try once

Cheers @Ananya1

How to update sr. no by 1 in firs row,2 in 2nd Row and so on

Kindly elaborate your scenario pls
Cheers @Ananya1

I want to increment serial no by 1,2,3