Append and write range working slow / can't copy sequence to another project

We have problem - with reframwork build robot - start building in community version 2022.10, now editing robot in enterprise version 2022.4.4 version.
We faced issue - append range Workbook and write range workbook working long appending about 4 minutes one row info. And another interesting thing - we cant copy and paste sequence to another project from this robot. We always use in onother robot this activities and everything are fine its working fast.

Any idea what can be wrong?

Hi @Ruta_ui

There are major differences in between the two version so that might be a reason for you to not able to copy. Can you confirm if both the bots are built on Windows Legacy or Windows? or one on each?

If they are different then yea that is the reason for copy and also may be for slowness.

Try recreating that workflow again…may be that might work