App not loading pages and shows connection to app service is lost and become unresponsive

My uipath app showing “connection to app service is lost”, and window goes unresponsive and we are not able to click anywhere on page.
How to correct this problem.

what’s your app size and number of pages?

Size is approx 13 mb and pages is more than 40.

OK Size is bit high. we have experienced this issue into 8MB that Page load is bit slow and some time page is not responding.

I think this can be performance issue. I am tagging to the Apps expert to answer this @Venkata_Rajendran @evan.cohen @loginerror


Hi @Jsaroj @Arvind_Kumar1

Is this still an issue?

Yes sir
i have created new app but i am facing same issue when app size cross 8mb-9mb size.

@loginerror ,

Yes this is a concern when App size increase more than 6-7 MB then performance is very much slow. Pages are not responding and taking very much time to edit the apps.


Thank you, I’ll let our team know.

Would you mind sharing the rough structure of your apps so that we have easier time to reproduce it? I guess, the question I’m trying to ask here is whether there are any specific controls that result in lowered performance, or does it simply link to the size independent from the app structure?

Hi @Jsaroj Can you please share the app ID for the app you are experiencing the issue with
You can find it in the app edit page url:<organisation>/apps_/default/edit/<appID>

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this is the app id

yes sir
i am replicating a website in uipath app which has lots of forms and tables, bounded with data services to store and display data.