Arcobat Pro - Text Redaction CHALLENGE!

Hi, I need to automate a text redaction (masking) process to conceal information within a PDF.

Within Acrobat Pro, there is a function to mask over information so that it can never been seen again. This is important in the legal fields. More info on PDF redaction is here>> Removing sensitive content from PDFs in Adobe Acrobat

The problem I have is when I record the redaction process, the selector has difficulty focusing on text within the PDF, instead it selects the whole page. How can I narrow my selection to the text I want to redact only?

Thank you so much to whomever accepts this challenge.


This might be fixed in 17.1 beta version. Could you give it a try?

hi Badita, can you send me a link so that I may download the 17.1 beta?

Check message. If you’re on CE you should already have it.

You can do one thing, masking of pdf we can do with vb. Net or with the help of acrobat DC or itextsharp respectively. So can create a custom activity in. Net and the same you can use in your project… And the best way is to use JavaScript in Adobe Acrobat DC tool