Arcobat Pro - Text Redaction CHALLENGE!


Hi, I need to automate a text redaction (masking) process to conceal information within a PDF.

Within Acrobat Pro, there is a function to mask over information so that it can never been seen again. This is important in the legal fields. More info on PDF redaction is here>>

The problem I have is when I record the redaction process, the selector has difficulty focusing on text within the PDF, instead it selects the whole page. How can I narrow my selection to the text I want to redact only?

Thank you so much to whomever accepts this challenge.



This might be fixed in 17.1 beta version. Could you give it a try?


hi Badita, can you send me a link so that I may download the 17.1 beta?


Check message. If you’re on CE you should already have it.