API error 1002 QueueItems returns 'User not found'

I’m implementing the new 0Auth authentication in my API using the OR.Queues scope.

I’m able to create queue items in the orchestrator with POST odata/Queues/UiPathODataSvc.AddQueueItem.
I can get all my queue items with GET odata/QueueItems

However, I cannot get specific queue items back with GET ‘/odata/QueueItems(1931592)’. The API returns
{ "message": "User not found", "errorCode": 1002, "resourceIds": null }

What does that error message mean?



Check if the QueueItem is exists or not

Hope this may help you


Hi @Tiramisu ,

Check below screenshot, it’s working for me.
I think you need to correct your url of GET

Hi Srini84. I know the queue item exists, because I get it (them) with the GET to odata/QueueItems. Does that mean that the message “User not found” is wrong?

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@ The URL with error message from Postman

The URL works in Swagger

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What is the difference between permissions and scopes?
Do I need both in order to use the api with 0auth?
If so, how to set permissions for external applications?

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We are experiencing the exact same behavior, when using version 2021.4.3 of the Orchestrator API. We would very much appreciate it if anyone could let us know whether this bug was handled in any future versions of Orchestrator, or if there is some other way around this error.

@Tiramisu Did you ever come up with some way around this error? And which version of the Orchestrator API are you using?

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