Any excel read range limitations or data table processing limitations by the uipath?


So I have a set of data that’s reaching more than 600.000 data in an excel file (see image below)


Before testing it with this data, I am testing with 1000 data and the result are very fast.

One thing I did notice, I put a writeline inside the loop. When I’m testing with thousand data, the write line keep coming out in the console and indicates it’s running inside the loop.

When I’m using my 600.000 data, it’s showing no write line and when I stop the robot, suddenly the writelines are coming out in a sudden.

I tried 2 different approach :

  1. Using query and process the 600.000 data in uipath before write it to my excel file.
  2. Write the 600.000 data to an excel (let’s call this excel_temp) then read the excel_temp to process it again.

The first approach is as I explained above
The second approach is interesting. When the data are written to excel_temp, it only took 2 minutes, but the processing duration process of excel_temp took longer than 10 minutes, the set of data I got is from my SQL Server. Any explanation for this?

Hi @Rhys18

When we are testing in Studio sometimes it does happen that workflow is faster than the output screen rendering on output panel, this should not be issue when running in prod env.

to get more details on excel activities plz check this documentation