Any demo video/tutorial available for Extract Semi-Structured Document Activity?

Any demo video/tutorial available for Extract Semi-Structured Document Activity?

UiPath Go link :


@Antoine_Chaussin ?

Hi @Pankit

Maybe not a direct answer (as I didn’t use this activity), but for some context you could try this project here:

It is also extracting data from files and even though the activity package is different, the principle of processing a file based on taxonomy is there.



You can find some example workflows here:

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Thanks! I had a few queries :

  1. When we are validating the data using intelligent OCR manually, are we going to use Attended automation? Will this process take place for each invoice?

Hi Antoine: Thanks for sharing the example. I am really new at UI Path, so sorry for the naïve question…for the URL, currently it says “”…should I leave it as is or substitute my cloud orchestrator - or is it reference my desktop. Also similar question for the 2nd parameter - UiPath.MLModel.Invoice - is that a package that I install on my community edition environment?

Hello ridf,

Regarding the URL, you can leave it as is. (cf this post for more details Receipt and Invoice AI - Now available in Public Preview! )

Regarding the DocType parameter, the values you’re seeing in Studio are taken from the taxonomy.json file that’s in the DocumentProcessing folder of the example project. In your own project, you can generate this file automatically by clicking the Build Taxonomy button on the activity. Doing so will prompt you for a URL ( for example) and a Group, a Category and a DocumentType. These three last fields are used to generate the ID you set in the DocType parameter of the activity (so in the example, UiPath.Model.Invoice was constructed with Group = UiPath, Category= Model, DocumentType = Invoice). You’re free to choose how you want to name your document type, just be careful that you can’t have duplicates. You can use the TaxonomyManager in Studio to edit/remove document types if needed.