Receive an error when you try to access the AI links from the browser

Hi every body
Why I dnt have access to the site or


Thank you in advace

i have the same issue, did you solved this ?

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You receive that error because when you try to access the links from the browser you make a GET request, which is not supported.
Why do you want to access the URLs from the browser?


Hello @AdiPopa

Thank you for your respense, But how to acces to data into this API?
Can I modify data into the code of API?

thank you

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Hello @Slimane_OUZIALA, @pitaty,

You are not supposed to use the endpoint directly. It is designed to be used through the Machine Learning Extractor activity only. Please limit your usage to this scenario, all data is exposed as output in the extractor activity.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello Team,

I’m getting following error for few invoices. Can you please help me with this thanks.



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Hello @ashoks93 - please make sure you are not trying with a document with more than 2 pages, or with an image size greater than 4MB. Please see initial feature description limitations:

“Maximum request size: 4MB or 2 document pages.”

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Hello @Slimane_OUZIALA

All data retrieved by the service is available through the Machine Learning Extractor. You cannot modify any data or access the service in any other way.


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Thanks @Ioana_Gligan! Sorry I didn’t not notice that. Will this limitation be removed later? Also, we are looking for on-premise ML model to test our production data set. When can we expect on-premise model?




Thank you for your detail
Other question, Can I create a service and call it via ML?

Thank you

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Hi @ashoks93, we are aiming to release this on premise by August.

Thank you,

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Hello @Slimane_OUZIALA,

The recommended way to go about it is:

  • create your own ML service according to your needs
  • create a custom activity by using the UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts nupkg which contains both the object definitions as well as abstract classes to implement, for creating your own classifier or extractor.

This way, you can have any request / response format you want, deploy anywhere etc.

As a “starter’s kit”, please see the following:

Have fun!



Thank you for detail.
I will try you method
I will tet you knew about .


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Can you help me how to add this extractor into my existing code?
or how to import package.

In my project, I couldn’t find any trainable activity support to Train Extractors Scope activity.


Thanks @alexcabuz !

We have use case where we need to extract line items from vendor statements. Can invoice extraction ML model extract line items in statements also? If there are any columns its missing, is there a way we can train the model to extract additional required column?


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hello @harsha_vardhan,

Try to have a look at this: and implement such a training activity. it should be complementary to the extraction activity you want to train.

Try putting it in a Train Extractors Scope activity, available in the latest IntelligentOCR package.

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Hello @Ioana_Gligan

I couldn’t make it can you please guide where I need to add these classes/activities.


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Hello @harsha_vardhan,

You will need to build your own custom activity that implements one of the abstract classes in the UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts public package.

Something like .

To understand how to use it, maybe you can have a look at a sample project building custom activities for data extraction, which is here: GitHub - UiPath/Document-Processing-Code-Samples: Code samples for document processing activities. .

The sample project only implements an Extractor activity, not a TrainableExtractor (which means a training activity for an extractor), but you will see how to build your own custom activity and how to use the InArguments, and what each contains.

As a note, to clear any confusion, there is NO training activity for the Machine Learning Extractor published in preview. If you want to build your own Machine Learning extraction algorithm, you will need to build two custom activities: an extractor and a trainer.

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Oh got it, thanks for the quick response.


Hi @alexcabuz are the limitations with regards to document size and number of pages will be increased/removed when this goes to production?