Anchor Base Problem

hello guys, i am trying to scrape some data from the invoices so the thing happening is i can anchor the total amount in 1 sequence but when i am at 2nd sequence the anchor base activity just stopped working it not getting the amount or any text from the PDF.

here is an image

Can you check this video tutorial? How to use the Anchor Base Activity in UiPath - Full Tutorial - YouTube

Did you try with a Use Application/Browser activity scope and inside it to add the Get Text activity?

Hello @Wasay_Sabri
Are you using the modern designer for the automation? If yes, the get text activity will automatically select the anchor in the activity or you can manually choose it.

Also you can try with the App/web recorder.

hello i managed to fix it it was due to the size of the document it was not maximizing properly thats why it was doing this issue