Get text in PDF is giving unpredictable output



Get test is giving "AVTaskPaneHostView’ instead of read value.

Please help me on the same


Hi @uday19,

Inside pdf its look like table.

Try to use screen scraping to get the data.



Hi @uday19,

Please refer below URL.



HI Arivu,

I have already gone through this, and I am facing error when I am using
Anchor based activity and using Find Image + get text activity.

I have used relative scraping and got the expected result. But don’t know why it is not working for Anchor base activity, And this the PDF which is available in training material.


I am also facing the same issue


in pdf automation video there is shown in anchor base get text, the variable will create by itself, but mine is not creating, also also unpredictable results. @badita please help.


Hi Same issue with me as well. I am trying to use Anchor Base but it’s not working it’s showing me some view name. I tried to Anchor Base as shown in the video but it’s not working.

Got stuck here…


I have exactly the same issue. Is anyone able to solve this yet? Or is it the error from UIPath software?


i have the same problem also and i can only extract partial data only.


I am facing the same issue. I get the output as “AvSplitterView” instead of the actual data.


can anyone help, even Im having the same issue