Anchor Base activity issue

I am getting different value[Invoice#] When am trying to extract date value from PDF using anchor base activity. Please help me on this.


@Srinu755 i would say go with scrape relative in screen scraping it will give you accurately.

Hi Srinu
Check this it will help you


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Hi Ankur,

I have followed the below point from the link which you shared.
With the Anchor Base activity (using Find Element or Image and Get Text in it) you can extract a fluctuating value from one or multiple .pdf files, as long as they have the same structure.

its work for me

use get text only without Anchor Base

In this case it is working fine but am trying to understand the anchor base activity.
If I user anchor base activity with Find element then an Anchor will be attached to UI element and using get text it will extract the data, Please correct me if am wrong.

some time you need to change selector for that.

HI @Srinu755,

Can you Please share the Xaml file for extracting data by using anchor based method.


am not able to upload as am a new user.