Facing issue in Anchor base activity

Hello All,
I am facing issue in find element activity(using Anchor) .

E.g Need to extract the invoice number in multiple PDF.

May I know what was the issue you were facing
Make sure that the pdf is open when we use anchor base
For that use START PROCESS activity and then use anchor base to fetch a value
Cheers @Kabeer

Attached error snapshot for your reference.
I have closed the PDF file but still I am facing issue in find element.

Thank you

Before anchor base activity we need to open the file that is in foreground it should opened

So use START PROCESS activity instead of READ PDF FILE activity where pass the file path of the pdf as input between double quotes

So that start process activity will open the pdf file in foreground and then use this anchor base activity
the sequence be like this
—start process
—anchor base activity

Cheers @Kabeer

Thanks of the update. But I am not facing issue in read PDF. I have tried start process also still I am facing same issue

If you have the sample file means,pls share with me.

here you go with an example

Cheers @Kabeer

Thanks let me try

Given example is for type into. But in my scenario i need to extract the specific data in PDF.

Ex. Invoice number in all the invoices

Were we able to select the element in that pdf or is it a native pdf
Cheers @Kabeer

Attached my workflow and invoices copy. But still i am facing same issue.
Please help to sort this out.wordpress.pdf (42.6 KB)

++WorkflowMain.xaml (6.5 KB)