Anchor Base Not working

Hi @Nithinkrishna
I’m using anchor base activity but value is not iterating properly.
i want the highlighted value to be fetched 0312013124.
but it’ s taking the circled value.
Position is also set as left in anchor base.

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Are you using IEC as an anchor

And is this a web app ?

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this is pdf.
IEC is the display name given to anchor

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Can you try with inline anchoring please.

In Ui-Explorer identify the field value and then click indicate anchor the label element.

Hope this helps


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@Nithinkrishna Used the indicate anchor.

whenever i’m using highlight it’s highlighting somewhere else.

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Did that work?

For extracting data from a PDF, you can use Document Understanding or simply read the PDF and then use Regex.

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@monsieurrahul no it didn’t work

can you check the x,y coordinates? set the distance with the anchor base element is a good way to get the value

Besides, I saw table element, believe that can locate the value of column and row which is more accurate if the table is not dynamic?

Hi @mitul_choudhary

You can try with Regex Expression for getting the IEC/Br Value
Can you share the sample Text file with preserved format?