An activity that breaks the loop in the flowchart after a certain amount of repetitions

Greetings, and this is my first post with you. And I should had posted this earlier for a timely response.

By far, the assignment is due tonight at midnight EST, and consists a basic flowchart to determine if a given whole integer as prompted by the user is divisible by 23 without any remainders. Now, I am eager to know, if in the flowchart as attached, is there any kind of an activity that repeats the loop in the false statement a X amount of times before breaking from it and displaying a message saying the allowed repetitions were expended? Because the “Repeat number of times” activity is only allowed if designing a sequence and the professor did NOT ask for a sequence.

If this is answered already, please let me know and reference me to such.
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Create a variable counter with integer type and value as 1

Add a flow decision where needed to with decision as counter > 23

On the side where counter is less than 23 perform your actions and add assign to increment counter counter = counter+1

This is how you can break your loop when the count hits


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After implement loop in flowchart, don’t forget to add annotations to explain you code and exit condition.

This can be a extra for what your professor asked you to do

Executing Workflow Analyzer will mark loop in flowchart as warnning by default as describe below.

Now I failed to clarify this: It is capped at a maximum of 13 repetitions. Now that I have the flow decision activity as indicated, is that the right way?


Yes that is the correct way to do it…

But i guess you missed incrementing the count…and also in default you can directly write 1

Count = count +1

You can do that after the write line activity

Hope this helps


Please specify which activity module will be. Or if there are some illustrated steps I can aid with. I am not completely familiar with this tool.

This is the most recent in the expression editor.
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I forgot to mention, it’s in the log message activity of the else statement of the flowchart


After write line activity…and before log message activity add a assign activity with left side being count and right side being count+1

Hope this makes it clear


Oh, I get it!
nervous chuckle Just overlooked at it.

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