Am getting error during publishing?

Am getting below mentioned error during Insert or update the Query to database
(1) : error BC32043: Too many type arguments to ‘Func(Of Out TResult)’.
(2) : error BC36625: Lambda expression cannot be converted to ‘Expression(Of Func)’ because ‘Expression(Of Func)’ is not a delegate type.

Hi @Vanitha_VS ,

It looks like you are trying to pass more arguments than required. May be the Database table has lesser columns than you are trying to insert or update. Or the column names that you provided in update are mis-spelled



It might be a same bug as the following.

Perhaps you should use WindowsLegacy project until this issue is fixed, if you converted your project to Windows compatibility.


no same process work in other Project


I’ve just had this error on a project while passing 27 arguments to a String.Format method.
Well the limit of arguments is 16.
My solution was to create one array of string with 16 arguments, another with the remaining 11, concatenate them and pass only the concatenated array to the method.


Arr1[String] = {argument1, argument2,…,argument16}
Arr2[String] = {argument17, argument18,…,argument27}
ArrResut[String] = Arr1.Concat(Arr2).toArray



Hope that it solves your issue

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