Add data row error lambda expression

Hi, it’s VB I believe

Getting the same error even when I try to initialize an array outside of add datarow activity

I also got the same error after converting my Windows-Legacy project to Windows with the new update. My Add Data Row activity worked fine before converting. The array row I wish to add has 19 elements, but the error disappears if I only keep 16. Import of System.Linq did not work for me also, and I have tried initializing as New Object before the Array Row entry. Hoping to follow to see how any solutions are achieved.

I think the updated version is not suitable for add data row hence try to Install Previous Version 2022.4.4 it will work.


I am actually using 2022.4.3. Can we count that it will be fixed in the next version?

Thank you for this bug report (I moved it to the feedback section for better tracking).

I confirmed the same behaviour on my own installation and recorded this as a bug for our team to have a look at.

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How can I fix this error?

I have 7 Assign step using string.format() to assign value to a text template, but just 2 step been report error BC32043 & BC36625

I am also facing same issue. Did you find solution for this?

I’ve the same issue!! Did you find any solution?!

I solved this issue by dividing array to two smaller arrays, then concatenating smaller arrays into final big array which will work fine in “Add Data Row” activity.

no! I don’t kown what had happen!

I try to find the rule ,but it happen in the No.17 argument. and another fomat with 107 argument is ok !

When you update to new version,
While you open the project shows the pop up at the top,
Do not Click Convert to windows.

So sad ! I had covered to new vision

Could you please send the xaml.

I also have this problem, and I use the way that keeping the window-legacy that can be worked as usual.


If u use more than 16 different variable in any assign or add data row activity you will face this lambda expression issue.

To fix this, you can add your variables in two different list variables. And add into “add data row” activity based on list index.

List1: 16 variables
List2: balance variables


For this you can try to assign to different array and then concatenate them and pass it to the add data row.
Pass arr3 in add data row.


hi @loginerror Any update on this