(1) : error BC32043: Too many type arguments to 'Func(Of Out TResult)'. (2) : error BC36625: Lambda expression cannot be converted to 'Expression(Of Func)' because 'Expression(Of Func)' is not a delegate type. Windows Only

Hi Forum Members,

I am getting error as mentioned in the topic.
I was on windows legacy and as we know windows legacy is phased out in next enterprise release, I need to convert this into Windows.
In this case I have assigned a string query where I see this error.

@loginerror I saw you mentioned this is resolved on system 23.4 which is only in case of Windows-Legacy but not in case of Windows only.
Could you please help ?

May we ask you to share the code statement along with the information to whoch Programming Langugage the project is set to (VB, c#) with us? Thanks

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Apologies for responding late, for now I have used multiple assign for quick fix however I am using vb. it’s nothing but a sql query with 65 parameters as variables.

Hi @Lakshay_Verma

Is this issue still present for you on the latest Studio/System activity package?

I gave it a try right now with 70 variables on a Windows project and it seems to work just fine:

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Hi @loginerror ,

I will retest this and update back, however I could not check the actual code as it is in prod env now with the hotfix I have mentioned above.

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