Error BC32043 and error BC36625 in uipath while inserting variables to query

Hi all,
I am getting below mentioned error during Insert or update the Query to database
(1) : error BC32043: Too many type arguments to ‘Func(Of Out TResult)’.
(2) : error BC36625: Lambda expression cannot be converted to ‘Expression(Of Func)’ because ‘Expression(Of Func)’ is not a delegate type.

How to resolve this issue I need to add the variables to insert query. Please help me on this.

You need to define specific type on which you are operating. This happens when there are multiple conflicts of same type.

Like if you are using ‘Datatable’ in your query then try to define as ‘System.Data.Datatable’.

Is is possible for you to post complete expression that you are using?


you are trying to use a lambda expression to add the variables to the insert query. However, the lambda expression is not compatible with the Expression(Of Func) type that is required by the AddDataRow activity.
Verify the syntax: Make sure that the lambda expression follows the correct syntax for creating a delegate. The lambda expression should have parameters and a body that returns the appropriate type.

Dim insertQuery = Function(data As YourDataClass) New Expression(Of Func(Of YourDataContext, YourDataClass)) _
                      (Function(context) context.YourTable.InsertOnSubmit(data))

@Rahul_S , @pravallikapaluri
Resolved above issue by passing parameters but now I am getting this error.

Run command: The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint The conflict occurred in database , table “dbo.Users”, column ‘Id’. The statement has been terminated.

What to do, how to resolve this.

In your case, the insert statement you are trying to execute would try to insert a new row in the dbo.Users table with an Id value that does not exist in the dbo.Customers table. This would violate the foreign key constraint on the Id column in the dbo.Users table.

To resolve this error, you need to make sure that the Id value you are trying to insert into the dbo.Users table also exists in the dbo.Customers table. You can do this by either updating the Id value in the dbo.Customers table or by deleting the row from the dbo.Users table.

@pravallikapaluri , Id column is present in datatable

How to update the Id value or delete the row

  • Check the foreign key constraint on the Id column in the dbo.Users table.
  • Check the values in the Id column in the dbo.Customers table.
  • Check the values in the Id column in the dbo.Users table.

I have not used any primary and foreign keys in table.

@pravallikapaluri ,
Actually it was automatically writing the data to sql server but after adding parameters its not updating.