Always click the first result of a google search

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I am currently facing the following problem in an automation using the browser and an excel file.
The steps of the automation are the following:

  1. name within in an excel file is copied
  2. copied value is pasted into google
  3. Select enter (for search)
  4. click (select) the first google result
  5. Copy the URL of this first result
  6. paste copied URL into the excel

This happens for several excel entries (for each excel row).

What does not work is step 4. as the automation always is looking for the name of the first automated result. So what I would need would be that UiPath always selects the first google result without checking for the name of the result.

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Can you make dynamic selector for (4. click (select) the first google result )while selecting the link
if selectors for Click activity is not optimized it may results into error.

Hope this works for you.

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Hi @lo86 ,

To address the issue in step 4 of your automation using UiPath, you can modify the process to use a different method for selecting the first Google result. Instead of relying on the name of the result, you can use a selector or element attribute that consistently identifies the first result. This way, UiPath will select the first result regardless of its name.


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Hi @lo86

Use the click activity and indicate the first search element when indicating the first element give the anchor to the element which is stable and for the target in the target options in selector options window check the fuzzy selector and select the Ignore Text in the dropdown.

Check the below image for better understanding,

By following the above suggestion the bot will click on the first search element.

Hope it helps!!


@Vinit_Kawle thanks for the quick response!

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thank you @RajKumar_DC

@mkankatala do you know if there is a similar solution for the browser?
So after the BOT clicked on the first result (successfully) it will copy the URL of the result and paste it into excel.
Problem is that UiPath is now always working with the website of the first result

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