Read each cell in the first row of an excel sheet and submit the second row details in the browser

Hi there,
I am new to UiPath, please suggest the best way to achieve the following requirement.
We have an on-premises web application which can be accessed using any browser (Chrome preferred). We have an excel sheet with two columns, one with URLs and other one with email ids.
The process which we would like to automate is as follows.

  1. Open excel sheet and copy the URL from Column-A.
  2. Open the browser and search for the copied URL.
  3. If application asks credentials, it needs to be submitted (we have a single sign on option as well. Like every time it will not ask for the credentials)
  4. It has to select a button with text “Enroll member”.
  5. A new page/pop-up will appear, in that… there will be a text input field, we have to submit the corresponding Column-B email id in it and submit the form/page.
  6. This process should go on until it completes all the rows.

For some rows, we have similar URL values, if possible we can group them and copy the corresponding email ids and paste them in the application (we have the option to submit multiple emails at once).

Please suggest me how to achieve this using UiPath. I am using UiPath studio on-premises.

I would appreciate the community help.

hi @sravan_8844

Read the excel as datatable, use datatable loop and filter to apply business rule based on ur condition


@brij.sharma, thank you for your solution sir. But as a layman to UiPath, I am unable to implement the solution that you suggested. Could you please provide me the step by step approach to it.
Thank you!

Hi @sravan_8844 ,
First you have to go through UiPath training all the courses are free. Please go through it and after you complete your course/training you can easily code the solution for the current process you explained.

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta