Click on first google search result

I have an Exelsheet that I use for inputs for searching in google.
The result of the search is a link to pdf file.

I have used the click function ,but the place of the searchresults slighty differ, so that the robot not always finds the link to click.

I want the robot to always click the first search result in google.

Thank You!

Hi mate ,

As you know position of first link will always be same for every result,

You can give position in Click activity property .

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

I played around with the options and disabled fuzzy selector and picture.
I only enabeld the selector, now it works, but I´m not sure why it works :D.

I tried a Keycombination with TAB and ENTER that works in real life but didn´t work with the automation.

But it works ok now.

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