Alteryx and UiPath – Way to Complete Digital transformation

Data is the nervous system of any organization. Relevant set of data helps in making strong strategies for optimizing the existing process and making better decisions. Also, it can result to create the appropriate statistics which helps the organization to increase the performance and customer relationships as well.

Alteryx is an Analytic Process Automation tool which helps to blend and prepare the relevant set of data into informative way and generates the reports out of it for analysis. It combines analytics, data science and business process automation into one unit.

Figure-1 Analytic Process Automation

Combining UiPath with this APA tool can provide a end to end process automation in the organization. Adding the flavor of artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities to handle the high volume data, can speed up any data driven business process and helps in boosting the digital transformation of any medium/large scale Company.

Below mentioned are some generic scenarios of data driven processes, briefing the idea of combining APA and RPA.

Summarizing the above examples, we can classify the role of UiPath and Alteryx in digital transformation journey as follows -

Role of UiPath:

  • Retrieve or input data from APA tool.
  • Can get data from legacy systems easily.
  • Unstructured / Complex data extraction using data scraping, OCR, document understanding, AI Fabric, etc.
  • Orchestrator to execute the certain set of processes in steps.

Role of Alteryx:

  • Process data by sorting, filter, arranging and combining the data received from different inputs
  • Generate reports and dashboard
  • Prepare predictive and geospatial Analytic data.

How to combine UiPath with Alteryx :

UiPath provides a “ Alteryx Activity Package ” which provides the key functionalities to communicate with Alteryx server. Below mentioned in the link to the UiPath marketplace where this package is available -

Alteryx - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

Below mentioned is the link for the documentation for this package –

Other References -

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