Is this workflow possible?

I want to have custom code in a Python tool in Alteryx to do some ETL on stock price data.
If you don’t know in Alteryx, this means there is a Jupyter notebook in there so basically I want to run every cell.
One of the cells will output a .csv file.
Then I want to visualize this in a Tableau sheet.
I want UiPath to connect the dots so users can launch UiPath and it runs Alteryx and the user gets the Tableau visualizations on their desktop.
I passed Foundation a long time ago but am rusty.
Btw, I’m not sure why but when I press login it always takes me to sign up with a new email. It should take me to login without clearing my caches so please fix that.


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Python in alteryx I believe you figured…then triggering alteryx if you have api license on alteryx then can use that to trigger else you have to go with ui automation and you can start an alteryx process and once completed can read the success message …then can load the data from exce to tableau…again for importing into tableau you can go eith ui automation and login to tableau and import

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Hi @nyck33333

Use the “Start Process” activity in UiPath to launch Alteryx Designer or the Alteryx Command Line Interface (CLI). Pass the necessary arguments to Alteryx, including the path to the Alteryx workflow file. Wait for the Alteryx workflow to complete using activities like “Wait for Process Exit” or “On Element Appear”.

Once the Alteryx workflow has completed, use UiPath activities to locate and retrieve the generated CSV file.You can use activities like “Find Files” or “Get OCR Text” to find the file or extract relevant information from the Alteryx interface.

Use UiPath activities to launch Tableau Desktop using the “Start Process” activity.
Once Tableau is launched, use activities like “Click,” “Type Into,” or “Select Item” to navigate to the desired workbook or sheet.Depending on your specific requirements, you can extract data from the CSV file and populate the Tableau visualization using Tableau’s data connectors or APIs.Use UiPath activities to interact with the Tableau interface, such as selecting filters or refreshing the visualization.


Thanks @Nitya1 for an awesome solution!

I’ll try clearing caches.


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