Alteryx in uipath

Hi team,

I have a workflow in alteryx that i need to run through uipath.
Am new to uipath need advise on how to proceed

Not an expert on Alteryx, yet it seems that these are your options:

  1. Trigger a Workflow using the command line with the [Invoke Powershell] – activity
  2. Using the HTTP Request activity to trigger a workflow –
  3. Triggering it via Desktop Automation.

Am unable to open first link…and i want to automate this in uipath

Have done it in uipath.

@Nandhini_Thirumaran Can you please tell me how you were able to accomplish this?

Can also send a JSON to orchestrator to start a robot off as well


I have found that except for the workflow that is designed everything else in Alteryx (the elements) can be indicated and automated. For the process to start maybe you can make use of the following points mentioned by @redlynx82 especially this -

Feeding the file, handing the output, reading it, setting file name etc is pretty easy though.

Regards :slight_smile: