UIPATH with Alteyx

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I built code in UiPath workflow and extracted data from web page. then im using Alteryx to merge the data. Is there way in UiPath can we merge UiPath workflow and Alteryx workflow together. If anyone has done it, Please shareme the sample workflow. Thanks in Advance.

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Hi @Niranjan_k ,

You could maybe try checking out the marketplace components and see if it could help you out :

If the above doesn’t help, let us know in some more details on what you would want to achieve.


  1. If you have alteryx api license then we can call the api from http request and run the workflow in alteryx
  2. Second way would be to use the ui only…thta is open alteryx required workflow using start process or use application/browser and then once workflow is there click on run and wait for the workflow success or failure message pop up

In the second option we can place the files in the required location with required name and then run the alteryx workflow…Also once you hit run any paths used as input arguments will be displayed as a pop up and we can give the required path values in each field