All triggers executed at the wrong time

I have set up a few triggers in my Community Edition Orchestrator (one that triggers a process once a week, one that triggers a process daily), the robot runs on a virtual machine. Today I noticed that all jobs with a trigger were wrongly executed yesterday evening (even though the weekly trigger is scheduled for Mondays, and the daily process was already executed successfully in the morning). In the logs available in the Orchestrator, the source of the job is shown as the trigger name and the triggers themselves haven’t been touched in quite some time.
Does anyone have an idea what could have caused this issue?

We experienced the same thing
Roughly half of our bots triggered. i must be related to the update they rolled out yesterday

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Thank you for reporting this. We looked into it and found that the triggers fired due to a human error during the maintenance. We will take the necessary steps to ensure this does not happen again and hope your business was not impacted by it.

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