All these processes normal?

The following image shows the screenshot of my Task Manager.

These several duplicate processes of UiPath normal? I just started my project and thats whats in the Task Manager.

The reason why i ask is randomly UiPath hangs without any error. Then i have close UiPath from Task Manager and start again.

The following is the Taskbar


Yes, starting 21.4 we have a multi-process architecture for Studio. This will improve the overall performance and allow better usage of resources when available.

Why is it always hanging as you can see from the image of my taskbar. It just randomly hangs with Error

Could you maybe share the error? (if it is not on the foreground, maybe you can bring it to the foreground with an ALT+TAB).

I cannot bring it to the foreground. Its blank at it shows in the screenshot.

CGhoST can you share some more details? What operating system are you using? What hardware configuration are you having?

Iā€™m using the following:

Windows 11 x64
Intel Core i7-3970X Extreme
32GB Memory

Sorry i could not reply earlier. Had gone overseas and just got back yesterday.

No worries!

Could you maybe share with us via a private message @loginerror the output zip file of the
image tool that you can find in your Start menu?

This would make it easier to debug the issue.

Ok sure thing.

Next time the error happens i will run the diagnostic and send you the zip file

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