UiPath Assistant hangs

Whenever I try to run the UiPath Assistant, it just hangs shoing me a blank screen. I tried reinstalling but the same issue comes back every time. My UiPath Studio works ok. I went into task manager and saw it was taking up 6 threads and about 45% CPU. So it looked like it was doing something. This went on for a number of minutes.

I’m currently facing the same issue. Any update on this question? If you manage to fix this problem, can you share the solution? Thank you.

Hi @sean.sia

What is your Studio version? I would assume it is the latest 2021.10?

Does a simple machine restart solve the issue?

Yes Im using the latest version 2021.10. Restarting the machine does not solve the issue. Tried to reinstall uipath studio and uipath assistant multiple times but still encounter the same issue.

Thank you for confirming that.

Would you be able to send me a private message @loginerror with the zip generated via this tool from the Start menu?

It would help us debug it further without having to ask a million questions about your environment :slight_smile:

One suggestions I would like to make is to make sure that no antivirus / firewall is blocking things. I know that I once had a firewall software auto-sandbox my UiPath installation which resulted in them misbehaving.

Hi @sean.sia, Can you tell us what is the number of processes that should be displayed in Assistant?

Haven’t deployed any project in the uipath assistant. Here’s the screenshot of my uipath assistant whenever I open it.

Thank you for the extra information. It would seem you have managed to resolve the issue by reinstalling Studio and Assistant.

Please do let us know in case the issue manifests itself in the future. We will continue investigating on our end as well.