Hello All,

I am getting the following error while using the ML Skills activity .

Everything seems to be working fine in Orchestrator and AI Fabric.

PS : I have upgraded from CE edition to enterprise edition ( trial version ) on cloud to enable AI Fabric .ml_filename_error

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Guys, can you please refer to my above query / error coming and help me in resolving the same.


we cannot exclude that this issue is more deep under the hood and maybe UiPath technical teams will stepin.


For a quick shot into the blind

  • ensure the feeds are activated for the dependency manager
  • force to load the System.Text.JSON nuget manually with an alternate outside from UiPath
    • Did it with nuget.exe, but other issues still remains ( a crosscheck on 2020 version is highly recommended)

So I would suggest: get in touch with technical UiPath team after a certain waiting time for solution hints by someone.

@ppr thanks for a detailed explanation if you can please share some screen shots with respect to solution you are referring to since I am totally new to this.


give me some time to crosscheck on 2020 Version before. Thanks

@ppr sure , no rush. Thanks a lot


I am trying to download this file via manage packages but not able to do so , can you please help me error how can I make this download.

uipath_version following is uipath version i m using.


Cross Link:

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@ppr Sure , i am not very much familiar with .NET hence not sure how to manually do that outside UiPath.


It looks like this issue has been solved in the other topic, I’ll close this one as a duplicate.

Duplicate of AIFabric_Demo