Where can I find the detailed consumption information of AI units?

I can only find the monthly consumption in license page. It tells me to visit the Analyse page for detailed consumption information. However, I cannot find this page in UiPath platform. Can anyone tell me where is the Analyse page??

Hi @Jacky_Leung

Please check on this

The acticals cannot answer my question. I want to see the detailed consumption such as daily usage of AI units. The documentation only leads me to see the monthly usage.


Click on Admin->Licenses->Consumables

I can find the page that you show me.

However, I want to see the detailed consumption instead of monthly consumption.

@lrtetala Please see my reply


Please see my reply in that Consumables tab there is an option called View Usage click on it then you will get Consumption of AI Units for total base and Monthly base. It will show the how many AI Units consumed for document understanding,Task and Communication Mining and in AI center

Check the below screenshot


I can find the monthly consumption. However, I want to find the detailed consumption information. You can see there is a sentence “For detailed consumption information, visit Analyze page of respective service” from your screenshot. The Analyze page is what I want to find.