AI Center Error While Merging Tenants

When signing in with host tenant in AI Center: "Error while merging tenants" is thrown.

Issue Description: After installation, while accessing https://{Ip or hostname}:31390/ai-app and authenticating to the host tenant using the host admin account, an error message occurs stating "Error while merging tenants" and none of tenants are getting listed.

Resolution: This issue can occur due to below reasons:

  1. Difference in time-zones with Orchestrator and AI Center server. Use "date" or "timedatectl" command in Linux server to check the timezone. If it is different then reach out to internal IT team to correct it.
  1. ML logs, ML Packages and ML skills permissions are missing for user. Confirm by logging into the Orchestrator under user section. Assign the permissions, if missing and try to authenticate in AI Center.

In case after making above changes, it does not work then re-deploy the application again with new installation token.