AI Center Tenant Cannot Be Reached

How to resolve the error received while trying to access AI Center on Cloud error comes up which say "AI Center tenant cannot be reached"?

Issue Description: AI Center tenant cannot be reached while trying to access it on Cloud.


Resolution: Follow any one of the below approaches
  • Approach 1: Try disabling AI Center from the tenant and enabling it back.
  • Approach 2: Go to Orchestrator service (for instance having AI Center enabled) users-> roles and check admin role:
If there is ML Package and ML Skill line but permissions are not checked in then create another role having all ML Package, ML Skills and ML Logs granted and assigned it to user. After refresh , ML Skill page should be visible on Orchestrator and it should be possible to connect AI Center.
  • Approach 3: Create another service and enable AIC on this new service (just remove licenses from other service and allocate them to this new one). Make sure right tenant is selected using tenant switcher on top left before hitting AI Center.
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