AI Center - Error Loading Table Data

How to resolve AI Center - Error loading table data ?

Issue Description : When going to the AI App page, on https://<ai fabric host>:31390/ai-app, and logging in to the host tenant, in order to provision a tenant, the following error is shown, and no tenant data is loaded: "Error loading table data".

If the browser console ( F12 in most browsers ) is opened and the complete page refreshed, a status 403 for the "permissions" endpoint and status 500 for the "merged?pageSize=5" request is noticed.


Troubleshooting Steps: Perform the below steps

  1. In the browser console, select the permissions request and, from it's Headers section extract the Authorization token:
  1. Open and decode the token extracted above
  1. Check nbf and exp time stamps against the Linux and Orchestrator host's current date.
  • To get the date in the unix seconds format in Windows, open Powershell and run the cmdlet: Get-Date -uformat "%s"
  • To get the date in the unix seconds format in Linux, open a terminal and run the following command: date +%s
  • Alternatively the Claims section in can be used to show the tokens dates in a human readable format:
  • The date of the nbf segment should be smaller or equal to the current date, while the date in the exp segment should be in the future, for the token to be valid.
  • If the system dates fall out of the token time stamps, rendering the token obsolete, change the date/time settings of both the Linux machine and Orchestrator server, in order to ensure that they are synchronized.
  1. If these time stamps are correct, but the issue persists, open a remote desktop connection to the Orchestrator server and check the following parameter in the UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config file:
The Identity host name shown above must be written in small letters. Change the host name to small letters, recycle the App pools for Identity and Orchestrator, and restart the Orchestrator application in IIS.