AI Center tenant could not be reached


AI Center on prem with Centos7: Version 21.4.1
Orchestrator: 2020.10.7
UI Path Studio: 2020.10.2

After provisioning AI Center, I reach the moment of provisioning tenant. I go AI Machine:1390/ai-app, logon to Orchestrator, I can choose a Tenant:
But there is no ability to “provision”.
In Orchestrator I have admin rights for both tenants + MLs activated.
When I select tenant I get:

and further pressing home page: Origin authentication failed.

Hi Robert,

You (or your admin) first need to connect to host tenant in order to provision other tenants. This is described here: Post-installation


Hello Jeremy,
I am all in one…
Host tenant = Orchestrator host tenant or AI Center host tenant. This point is not clear, We actually could not reach that tenants list with statuses and ability to press “3dots”


You need to access AI Center, this will redirect you to the login page (if not just log out and retry), once your are there you need to manually change tenant (clicking on change button) to host and use username/password combination to log into host tenant. The page should look like this

I assume the list is coming from your active directory log in and this is why you don’t see the host tenant.
Username/password combination was generated during orchestrator installation (they are same credentials).

Thanks! we were reading through this part of manual dozen times and we did not figure out that we shall not use our tenant, but we shall go to HOST! I feel stupid, but this actually did a thing.

Nice that it works. I made the sentence in bold in documentation, I hope it will help other in future.

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