Agent not sending logs if i start job from Orchestrator

My Uipath specifications are:

  • Orchestrator 2020.10.11
  • Studio + Assistant 2022.4.6

The problem is:
I have a process that perfectly works at my local PC with studio. Also this process works fine when i start it from Assistant menu:

If i start job with this process from orchestrator - it works without any errors, BUT, it also sending no logs (From activity “WriteLine”) to orchestrator at all. Only “Process executed” and “Process execution ended”:

Logs are available to see in Orchestrator if i start process from the Assistant menu, like i said before.

I tried:

  • To reinstall studio and assistant;
  • To change Log level to others (with agent properties and Orchestrator robot properties) - additional infromation like “Activity completed” appeared, but not text from “WriteLine” activity.
  • To delete local .db file of logs at appdata;
  • To run another processes with “WriteLine” activity.

All of this is not fixing the problem.

The only think that helped - to install an old (2020.4) version of assistant. This method doesn’t suit me, because part of my processes need higher version of studio and assistant.

Any ideas how to fix it?
Thank you.

P.S. I met the same problem at another PC

Hi @HomaDzz

Please use ‘log message’ instead of ‘write line’. Log mesaages will get displayed in orchestrator. Write line activities will not go to orchestrator they are to debug in the studio itself


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