Robot not working in unattended mode in community edition?


Not able to run the job in unattended mode when the Remote Desktop(Configured Machine) is disconnected. Kindly help us on this issue.

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Abhishek Suresh

Hello @Abhishek_Suresh welcome to the forums!

You cannot run Unattended automations if disconnected from Orchestrator.

If your UiPath Assistant is inside the VM, it must be connected to its Orchestrator from within that VM.


Is there any limitation while running unattended job in community edition compared to the enterprise version.

You require the UiRobot Service / Host to be running in order to listen for instructions from Orchestrator. The Community Edition cannot be registered as a service unless you go about making your own service to register which is not supported, or only other option is to leave a user logged into the machine and the console to be unlocked (If you want to process foreground automations.

Enterprise Edition you can register the UiRobot as a Service during/after installation in which case the host just needs to be turned on and accessible over the network.

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As of Community 2021.8 Preview, there will be an option to install Robot in Service Mode.

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