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I am strugggling with the UiDemo walkthrough in teh advanced training for UiPath level 3 . I do understand the document. I have created the dispatcher sequence. But I was not sure where to place the sequence so I put it outside the flowchart. The sequence works and I got the result showing in orchestrator. But where is the config file that I update to reflect the queue name

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Config file under project folder/ data/


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Refer the screenshot below for the path

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can someone share their finished solution for UiDemo in the advanced training. As I am not sure where to place sequences etc, In particular creating the sequence called UiDemo_Login.xaml file which I made but what folder do you put it in. Also any good videos that I can watch to explain this example. Thanks in advance.



hi Kommijeevan. thanks for your help.

hello @bobby
if you follow walkthrough assignment 1
then directory structure should like this


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