Advanced training assignment 2: very slow execution of a loop

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please kindly assist i am trying to finish assignment two of the advanced training. The workflow seems to we executing fine when doing the first item however it gets extremely slow when executing the other items. i am not sure what is wrong anymore.
PerfomerCalculate Yearly Reports.xaml (93.4 KB)

DispatcherCalculate Yearly eport .xaml (35.1 KB)

attached are my dispatcher and performer workflows(PS: i only used the walk through as just a guide)

@thulilec Please try to change OnElementAppear properties

RepeatForEver = False & WaitVisible = True

Click Activity change the property Wait for ready to none

Also stimulate click is checked

@Roofus thanx for the reply, i did apply your suggested changes prior hence the first transaction item is executed well, everything there after is slow

@thulilec , Set wait for ready to none for all the click and select activities in the workflow where you are generating the yearly report.

Hope that will solve!

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You should change all Click activity property wait for ready to none.

@Sheshrocks is right. This will solve your issue

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