Level-3 Assignment 2 and Practical Exam


  1. I am working on assignment 2 of level 3 to generate yearly report for vendor.

During first iteration, It works smoothly. But from next iteration onwards it performs very slow. I have no idea , Even I didn’t use any kind of delay.

Anybody can be help on this is very helpful for me.

  1. I have cleared the theory exam of uipath certification but don’t have any idea on practical exam.
    Does anybody know about what should I expect in this practical exam.


Please change the property of click activities of selecting Year and Month, Wait For Ready to None.

I tried but didn’t work. Still taking too much time.

Can you please debug and let me know where exactly it is consumig time so the community can help you.

In most of the cases, changing property wait for ready to none worked.

Try this thread:

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