Level 3 Assignment - Calculate Security Hash

Hi There,

I am trying to run the workflow I implemented for assignment 2 in UIPath Advanced Learning Program - Level 3.

I have troubleshooted every areas and all check the config file but I am still receiving the following error:

Please, can anyone help me rectify it.

@loginerror @Gabriel_Tatu @NicholasPwi @nadim.warsi

Hello @Tom1989

Seems you missed the mapping for the arguments for Login flow where you are invoking GetAppCredential.
You will have to go step by step in the instruction document

Hi @nadim.warsi/ @loginerror/ @Gabriel_Tatu

Please, can you check and tell me whether I made any mistake. I have followed all the instructions in the document.

Main.xaml (51.6 KB)

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@nadim.warsi, Is it correct?

Can you share these ?
just the main will hot be helpful

@Tom1989 are you creating arguments for in_* type or creating them as variables?

Hi @nadim.warsi,

Here are the different workflows and config file that I have created on this project:

System1Login .xaml (14.4 KB)
WorkItems.xaml (6.2 KB)
Navigate to Work Items.json (290 Bytes)
Extract Data Table.xaml (10.3 KB)
Extract Client Information.xaml (8.7 KB)
Close Acme.xaml (6.1 KB)
OpenSHAonline.xaml (5.0 KB)
GetHashCode.xaml (3.9 KB)
CloseSHAOnline.xaml (4.0 KB)
Config.xlsx (20.5 KB)

Try to hard code the credential values and run. After the run, remove the hardcode and do it with GetAppCredential workflow. I hope it works!!

ok to start with, in you System1Login you are invoking GetAppCedentials.xaml
But in your sequence you not passing the credential in_Credential value to it.
Also the out values should be mapped to some variables that you need to create under variables panel
and the used in your login flow.

In your case i see you are passing the username and pwd details directly into the typeinto activities.
If you want to do that you will not be following the logic to use asset from orchestrator nor the config file.


Hi Nadim, I have made changes to the get app credentials file here -

I have created two arguments out_username and Out_password.

  1. Do I have to create two variables here and assign them the values of out_username and out_password?

  1. After importing these arguments in the system1 Login workflow what changes do I have to make?

Attached here are the changes I have made to the System1 login workflow but I am unsure about my logic:

  1. Is my direction for every argument correct?